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  About Us
  CCC Travel is an internationally licensed cultural tourism company that organizes informative, innovative tours to sites in China and throughout Asia, both well known and off-the-beaten-path.

A travel division of the not for profit China Culture Center, we use our innovative tours and journeys, and corporate events to fund and support our China Culture Center's research and cultural education programs.

Whether you're looking for "a personal touch" in your traveling experience, worried about finding "excellent lodging and places to eat" at an off-the-beaten path site, or you just need "hassle-free tours," CCC Travel delivers.

Clients from all over the world - from Brazil to Singapore, the US to the UK - agree that CCC Travel can offer an overall wonderful travel experience. Guests say that the combination of our staff's "full knowledge of English," "careful choosing of local agents...for tours outside of Beijing," "first-class, experienced teachers," and "hands-on" approach make CCC Travel a one-of-a-kind tour agency, dedicated to showing you the best side of Beijing and China.

CCC Travels' clients - foreign residents living in Beijing, Shanghai and other major cities of China - include diplomats, multinational company employees, journalists, teachers and scholars,etc. and mainly come from Northern America, Europe and Australia.

Why Choose to travel with us?

1. CCC Travel is an internationally licensed travel agency, providing high quality service and tour trips in an informative and friendly environment. Our tours has no forced shopping stops or hidden costs. The tour schedule is not rushed and it is aimed at providing you with a stress-free enjoyable experience.

2. Our guides and experts are well selected and trained and only work for CCC Travel. They are well-educated, friendly, caring and relaxed compared to the guides working for the mainstream travel companies or agencies.

3. CCC Travel has established a solid reputation among the expatriate communities living in China for over a decade. Our clients includes the local expat community, their visiting families and friends and any other travelers to China. CCC Travel trips maintains a well-mixed, like-minded and amiable travelers from all over the world.

4. CCC Travel has routes and destinations designed for visitors to China as well as walks and excursions that are geared toward expats and cater to their specific interests and schedules.

5. CCC Travel also caters for private tours and the tour group is able to personalize the tour arrangement with added classes or workshops with our friendly CCC consultants.

6. Booking is easy. Just register online and pay by bank or credit card transfer.

We look forward to meeting you. In the mean time, take a look around! Use our website to see all of the exciting opportunities that await you during your stay in China, and feel free to contact us for further information.

To read past clients’ opinions on the quality of our services, please click here.

Telephone +86 - 10-6432-9341
86 10 6432 9341 (business hours: Monday-Friday, 8:40am-6:20pm);
86 10 8420 0671 (available at weekends, rerouted to mobile phone)
Fax: +86–010-6432-0145
info@chinaculturecenter.org (or click Contact Us)

Address: inside the Maple Drive-in Cinema Park, No.21, Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China.

Post Code: 100016


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