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Erguotou Liquor Factory Tour
Sunday, July 15, 13:00-16:30, 2012
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Join CCC's half -day tour to Beijing Erguotou (Er Guo Tou) Factory to see how this famous yet surprisingly inexpensive brand of distilled liquor is produced. The factory is nice with preserved old tools & objects and well displayed galleries. You will see the entire traditional production skills such as distilling and fermentation in the gigantic wok in the processing workshops; the wine cellar with half-century old vintage, and hundred-woman packing line.

RMB 150 / RMB 100 for children between 6-12.
The price includes transportation, liquor tasting and English speaking guide)


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Chinese bai jiu (liquor) is characterized by a clear, nearly transparent look, and a hot and smooth taste, as well as its prolonged alcoholic effect. Liquors such as Chinese Mao Tai, Gu Jing Gong, Wu Liang Ye and Beijing Er Guo Tou are all rated above 50 degrees, in some cases as high as 62 degrees. Chinese Liquor is especially popular in northern China, where people enjoy getting additional warmth from the strong liquor. Chinese People believe that moderate drinking is good for health.

As nearly all important occasions are celebrated with alcohol, symbolic meanings in serving and drinking it have become extremely rich and complex.

Erguotou means “second distillation,” which indicates its level of purity. Erguotou is a clear, white spirit which can be as potent as 60 percent alcohol by volume. Distilled from grain sorghum, the distinctive spirit also contains walnuts, longans, Chinese wolfberries, red dates, western ginseng and sugar. It takes about six months to produce.


Meet at the China Culture Center to board the bus.

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